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Aset Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm which has been created with the aim of providing a global service of legal and tax advice to companies and private individuals. It is composed of seven professionals with extensive professional experience and a great vocation of service to customers.

Civil Law and Legal Procedures
Commercial Law
Contentious-Administrative Law
Criminal Law
Tax and Accounting Law
Global consultancy for foreign persons
Civil Law and Legal Procedures:

The professionals of Aset Abogados, devoted to providing global advice to both companies and private individuals, cover all areas of civil law, and in particular:

Compensation claims. Right to damages and civil liability. Inheritance issues. Donations, successions and inheritances. Urban and rustic leases. Condominiums (owners' associations). Intellectual property. Family matters (separations, incapacities). Claims for monetary amounts.

After analysing the case, we carry out negotiations prior to the start of judicial procedures in order to seek an out-of-court solution to the conflict. If this proves fruitless, we mark out the legal strategy to be followed and offer professional direction in court, reporting on all of the phases of the proceeding until its conclusion.

Contract Law:

We have extensive experience in negotiation and drafting all types of contracts, striving to stay ahead of any issues that may cause conflict and also providing global advice in the event of non-compliance.

We carry out a detailed study of the case in order to recommend the most suitable route for solving the conflict, either in or out of court.

Aset Abogados also has in-depth knowledge of the legislation and jurisprudence that affect credit institutions, and consequently we can advise on operations with financial institutions, with reviews and negotiations both before and after they are signed.
Contentious-Administrative Law:

Our professionals can advise you on the various issues of administrative law, preparing claims and requests, or provide legal assistance in proceedings conducted before any contentious jurisdictional body in areas such as:

Financial liability of the public administration.
Urban planning law.
Penalising administrative law.
Claim for compensations.
Penalties and fines.
Public contracting.
Compulsory purchase orders.
Tax and Accounting Law:

We have professionals specialising in global tax consultancy for companies, self-employed workers and private individuals, both resident and non-resident.

In this area, after analysing the client's needs and dimensions, we offer the possibility of contracting the provision of any legal, tax and accounting services that may be necessary, with the payment of an agreed monthly fee.

If what you require is worry-free legal coverage and permanent consultancy in the sphere of taxation and accounting, consult us and we will give you a no-obligation quotation.

We advise companies, self-employed workers and private individuals in all aspects of taxation, preparing tax and accounting planning adapted to their interests.

The tax department drafts and presents all types of taxes (Corporate, Income, VAT, Wealth, etc.), and advises and assists in the client's name in inspection procedures, replies to requirements of the Tax Agency and submits economic-administrative appeals and claims.
Criminal Law:

We have specialists in the field of criminal law with extensive experience in functions of defence or the presentation of private and/or collective prosecutions relating to all types of offences, whether against persons or of an eminently economic and/or corporate nature.

The assistance offered covers both complex offences of commercial origin (fraudulent management, adoption of abusive agreements, sanctionable insolvencies, swindles, etc.) and those deriving from traffic accidents and/or alcohol excesses.

Our services also include criminal liability of minors, in functions of both defence and private prosecution before Juvenile Courts.

We also offer assistance in matters of penitentiary law and in petitions for pardon.
Commercial Law:

Global advice to companies from the moment of creation, both in their internal management and shareholder relations and in their relations with third parties, including the negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts.

All types of corporate operations from the moment of incorporation, drafting articles of incorporation adapted to the specific company, restructuring of existing companies in accordance with their needs (mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs) with the pertinent modifications of articles of incorporation, enlargements of capital and, as the case may be, dissolutions.
Global consultancy for foreign persons:

Aset Abogados also provides global advice to foreign persons who decide to make any type of investment in Spain. If you want to purchase a building, a company, a mooring or a boat in Spain, you will avoid many formalities and problems if you request our firm's services.

We have a team of professionals with a command of English and German who spare no effort to give you the best advice in any projects you may decide to undertake, helping you to understand the legal consequences of your decisions in order to avoid the most common mistakes.

We specialise in foreign investments in Spain, by citizens of both EU states and other countries, and we give you all the information necessary if you decide to buy, whether you are already a proprietor or you decide to sell a private property or a company.

We carry out a detailed search concerning the property to be acquired, both in the Land Registry and at the level of urban planning legality and situation in the residential community, as the case may be. We draw up the necessary reserve/option contracts to ensure ownership during this indispensable search, and we advise you throughout the process until the signing of the title deed and its registration in the Land Register, in the cadastre and/or in the municipal council.

This advice includes informing the client of the taxes they will have to pay once they acquire a property or company in Spain and of the best way of processing the compulsory payments to the various Administrations, facilitating direct communication with the various organisms by designating our firm's address for the purpose of notifications.

If you wish, we can also help you in ensuring the transfer of assets in the event of decease, by drawing up a last will and testament regulating the situation of the asset located in Spain.

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